Ingrid Godon has always been drawing. Always and everywhere. Looking, observing, everything she saw mixed with her imagination into amazing images.

The professional publishing world soon discovered her talent and in no time she had drawn a regular hit with the stories of Nellie & Cezar. These two went viral as an animation series and made her een worldwide success.

She’s winning prizes and awards everywhere, in Belgium as well as in different European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland … But in 2010 she makes her first story and asks writer André Sollie to write it. Hello Sailor is an international success. It’s the start of another career.

Her drawings, monotypes, woodcuts etc. prove dat they’re not only illustrations but are perfectly able to have an artistic life of their own. I Wish (2010), together with writer/poet Toon Tellegen, was a true breakthrough as an autonomous artist with exhibitions in Museum M Leuven (B), Belgian Embassy Tokyo (J), C-mine Genk (B), Illustrarte Biënnale Portugal (P), MAK Cologne and MAK Frankfurt (D). The international success of I Wish continued with Ik Denk and Ik Moet.

In the meantime I Wish – after a French and German successful edition – has begun its American ‘dream’ with the American version (Archipelago Books) in March 2020. Great reviews welcomed the book in the US but Covid 19 stopped its publicity campaign. An exhibition in the prestigious gallery CG Boerner in New York City was cancelled.

Meanwhile, she was selected by the city of Paris (Le Grand Paris) to provide drawings for one of the city of lights’ 32 new metro stations. It will be executed at Sevran-Livry station, line 16, in 2026. In April 2023, she will retreat to the renowned Parisian arts centre 104 Paris for a few weeks for inspiration.

In 2022, she published, among other things, OUT OF THE LOOKING came THE SEEING (ed. Querido), a book chosen internationally as one of a hundred most beautiful books ( It can be read as an autobiography and aims rather at an adult audience.

Ingrid Godon keeps on going, drawing one of the most beautiful stories in contemporary story-world. In 2018 she’s got Dantesken published, more than 600 autonomous drawings. She keeps on working, researching, experimenting with new ways of telling her own unique story, discovering textile art and ceramics. She gets invited for residencies in Belgium and in Europe (Frans Masereelcentrum Kasterlee, Academia Belgica Roma, Scuola Grafica Venice …) and surprises herself and the world.



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